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Whether you are considering opening a fan club, a newbie just getting started or an experienced fan club creator; this is a great place to start. Already you are taking initiative by educating yourself to find ways to better your current fan club or deciding whether you want to operate an online personality profile. Congratulations!

“Once you post it online, it’s forever…”

The very first thing you need to consider is whether you want your content online for the world to see. Once you place your images and content online, it is forever. You can delete, wipe the internet, scrub and disappear; there will always be lingering content you have posted somewhere on the internet.

You can’t take it back. So make your choice wisely!

“Someone is most likely going to find out.”

It’s unfortunate but there really is no such thing as “hiding” what you do. The truth is it’s highly likely that someone will find out one way or another. Whether they find your actual fan club or promotional materials you post to social media, you should prepare to face the fact that you will face being “found out.”

“You need to be AT least 18 yrs of age.”

It’s a legal requirement that you be of legal age to consume adult content in order to post and produce fan club material. Whether you are posting non-adult content or explicit images, it is necessary for you to be of age.

“Must have a valid current government issued photo identification card.”

You are required to present your legal government issued photo id in order to set up an account. You will need to take an up close, clear photo of your ID where your information is readable. You also need to take a photo of you holding your id close to your face where compliance can verify your identity matches the identification you are submitting.

“You must have a valid bank account or prepaid debit card to deposit your earnings into.”

In order to get paid, you have to have a way for your fan club to pay you. A valid bank account for ACH, or a prepaid debit card for US citizens is required. There are other options that may be available for other countries. Please check each fan club’s payment options before signing up.

“A legal tax form is required for proper tax reporting.”

You will be required to fill out a tax form in order to activate your profile. It’s standard practice when you are generating revenue on any website to be required to fill out tax forms.

“Model release and 2257 forms are mandatory.”

A model release form is necessary when or if you shoot and upload content on your fan club that includes other performers. The model release basically states that you are in legal possession of the content with the permission of the other individual to post and sell at your discretion (or along the terms that are outlined in the form.) A 2257 form is a legal document that requires all parties in an image, film or other content to present photo id documentating that all parties were of legal age at the time of filming.

“You need a mobile device or camera, internet and creativity to get your fan club started.”

It is quite easy to research what you need and start creating a long list of items that you will need to have “quality content” and be a successful creator. The truth is, you have to start off with MINIMAL investment just to get your fan club off the ground and started. You probably already have selfies, videos, vlogs, audio files and other content sitting on your mobile device or hard drive. Your fans will be happy to see you even if your content isn’t BRAND new and in 4k!

Now, that’s not to say that as you become more successful and begin to earn stable revenue that you can’t step your game up and invest in your new fan club business. It is definitely beneficial to consider upgrades whether you get the new iPhone 11 pro max or the android S20, or even a DSLR camera; by all means feel free to go big when it suits your budget or an opportunity presents itself. Just don’t feel overwhelmed in the beginning or even further down your journey if the income doesn’t warrant that type of spending.

The places I think are more important to invest your money are in

a) YOURSELF! You don’t have to go over board but a cute colorful setup for staging photos and videos can go a long way. Outfits that reflect your brand whether sexy lingerie, fashionable street wear, BDSM latex and leather, or whatever clothing seems fitting!

b) Marketing & Promotions! This you have to be a bit more careful as there are a TON of people out there looking to get your money on useless promo tactics that gain you social media followers but not as many loyal, organic followers. Yes, you might pay for promotion of another fan club model and gain 200 followers for 1 month, but once they consume your content they are likely to leave and never come back. Ok, you made a nice bit of change that month but the REAL money is in the long term fans that join and stay with you a lifetime!

If you have any questions, wish to know more about setting up a fan club or structering and strategizing your current fan club, reach out to us!


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