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You’ve created your profile and now you are stuck trying to figure out what to post. Before you consider what kind of content you are going to post in terms of themes, think about what kind of content you enjoy creating.

Do you like to write?
Consider writing posts that show off your writing skills. Write engaging pieces that inspire deep thought, entice the reader to respond or share their interests and thoughts.

Do you like taking photos?
Post photos that show off your favorite poses, locations, outfits, cosplay, and themes.

Are you a video personality?
Share videos that emphasize your camera talents!

Maybe you are the LIVE kind of creator?

Go LIVE on your fan club and get tips for whatever it is that you do! Show off your talents… maybe you can put your legs behind your head, hum tunes, or do celebrity impressions!

Is your talent the art of vocal seduction? Record yourself reading recipes, erotic stories or sharing your intimate personal fantasies.

The key to a successful fan club is keeping your fans engaged. Post 1 of each, everyday. So you write a text post, record an audio even if it’s to say good morning, post a photo or 2 and a video.

You want to post various times throughout the day. Remember some of your fans will be in other places across the globe which means they are in different time zones.

Schedule posts in advance.

Posting your content in advance helps you in a number of ways. You will free up your time or simply cover yourself during times that you are either unable to post, on vacation or perhaps just need a break. You may also find that this helps you keep things a big more organized as you track what you shoot and when you post.

Connect your fan club to social media.

By connecting your fan club to your twitter account, you will have the ability to make your posts also show up on your twitter timeline. This is will engage your twitter followers to come to your fan club profile where they have the option to subscribe to your fan club to see the rest of the post.

There is a lot of information to help you in your journey of fan club start-up and management. We are happy to have you here! Look for more posts on your blog!

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